Hi, I'm Noah, a Director of Photography and a Photographer based in Frankfurt. 

I pursue visual beauty and I love natural colors, dynamic movements, thrilling light, and creative compositions. Cinematography is my favorite language to transport emotions, stories, and moments full of atmosphere.  

Besides filmmaking, my big passion has always been sports: surfing, cycling, diving, volleyball, just to name a few. I draw my inspiration from life itself.    

I'm someone who enjoys discovering new things, and that's what I also love about this profession — being able to constantly meet new people and gain insights into a wide range of topics.
          mail@noahmittelstaedt.com  I +49 176 77880482​​​​​​​
Represented by Betti Berlin  I  mail@bettiberlin.com

2024 - New York Festivals: Gold & Bronze (Samsung)
2023 - Designrush: Video Design Awards (VW)

Samsung, Amazon Music, Volkswagen, Porsche, Biontech, Eintracht Frankfurt, ESA, Lebenshilfe, UKE, GSK, Never Summer, Wittmann, Pharmaserv​​​​​​​, SimpleTap, Blista, DRK, Sparkasse

Alok Petrillo, Meduza, Lost Frequencies, Purple Disco Machine, Lucas Alario, James Hype, Afro Jack, Steve Angello, Mario Götze, Kevin Trapp, Nico Santos, Sarah Connor, Omar Marmoush, Sebastian Rode, Makoto Hasebe, Béla Réthy